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The Power of the Pen and the Tongue

Sandra Lee, Editor-In-Chief

American Conservative Nation News 

Sandra Lee has been writing all of her life.  During her junior year at Skidmore College, Ms. Lee won a Mademoiselle Magazine fiction contest and then represented the college as a campus reporter for Mademoiselle.  Sandra served as editor of school newspapers and yearbooks. She wrote lyrics for dozens of songs, some of which were recorded on Columbia, RCA Victor and Laurie Records. She received her BA in English from Skidmore College and her Masters in Visual and Performing Arts. She studied acting at The Actor’s Institute in New York City. She created, produced and hosted over four hundred television programs which aired to an audience of over a million viewers. Sandra taught English, Theater, Public Speaking, Acting, Film and Creative Writing. Most recently, in Ohio, she was the publisher and editor of The Women’s Journal.


Social Media Lives Matter

Brandi Bohannon, Social Media Director

American Conservative Nation News

Facebook: @ACNationNews

Brandi Bohannon is a Foreign Policy Guru and Conservative Social Media Warrior.  Brandi is committed to keeping the United States a federally constitutional republic and spread the Good News of Conservatism via Facebook.  Brandi understands that if you have not spent time in Facebook Jail then, you are doing it right.  

Her mission is to inform and entertain listeners/readers/viewers with the truth.  Her goals are to broadcast and publish the most relevant conservative news and commentary, and connect folks to experts in the fields of liberty based public policy, government, and industry so that they can make informed decisions for themselves and our Nation..